Better appt show rate.

Chris K Leslie

Many of our forms don’t have an option for a customer to schedule their own appts. But if they did do you think a customer selected appt would show more often then a BDC scheduled appts

Mark Rask

I feel like it would be a bit more of a commitment 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, we allowed the customer to schedule their own times for appointments, but they were far and few between. However, the show rate for those was always much higher. 

Absolutely, I think there would be more of a commitment if a customer was able to set their own appointment in their own home at their own pace versus being "pressured" into making one over the phone while driving or at work.

However, in my experience, dealer site forms don't get utilized often enough. Our dealership offers online scheduling for service, yet people still prefer to call in to set their service appointment. I can't see online scheduling for BDC/sales being any different.

Amanda Gordon

That's a great idea, more self motivating. Our best show rates have ALWAYS been confirmed apts.

Devin Howell-Shiplack

Agreed @Sunny. Scheduling service or test drive CTA's have some of the lowest engagement rates on any VDP, regardless of dealership or geographic location. Biggest things to consider: a) confirming the appointment or incorporating some sort of follow up. b) keeping the calendar narrow so that they don't book out months in advance and forget about said appointments altogether.


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