Better Stock Photos

Ricky Patrick

I came across a company offering a better stock photo for new cars a while back. Their stock photos represented the actual vehicle color and equipment and could be placed over a background of the dealership so it looks like the car is on your lot. I can't remember the name of this company to save my life. Does this service ring a bell with anyone?

Travis Williams

Is this the company you are thinking of?

Ricky Patrick

Thanks, Travis. This was more of an automated service that tied their stock photos to our inventory and put them on our listings. It's driving me crazy because I was at a Cadillac meeting at the Google office in Atlanta and remember everything about it except for the name of the company!

Tony Ferrigno

We are using a company that’s part of the gm digital marketing pkg I believe that came out.  I believe it’s evn.  We originally had dealer specialties doing our photos but it was a mess.  Wrong photos with wrong cars.  Weather would be an issue as well.  I would not allow them to photo cars when it was snowing which created a back log.  This seems to be working ok they are vin specific down to a front license plate bracket.  And it’s less money as well.  I have to remind my sales consultants on a consistent basis that these photos are vin based and will reflect and lpo accessories but overall for our dealership it works for us. 

Ricky Patrick

That's it! Thanks so much.

Don Quest

Hello all.  My name is Don Quest and I with eVN.  You may check out our website; to learn more or contact me ( directly.  We offer the solution through GM and Ford at the moment, but are in discussions with other OEMs.

Thank you!

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