Mark Rask

I am looking for some new ideas on bonus structures for my sales bdc. 

Sara Gallagher

We pay a set amount for appointment shows and another set amount for appointment sells. We also have a tier set up each week - if they get 10 shows and sells they get X amount, if they get 16 shows and sells they get X amount or if they reach 21 shows and sells they get X amount - this amount is on top of what they already get per shows and sells. Every month about mid-month we also create an extra bonus plan. I usually do an extra $25 if we meet the show/sell goal that I set for the BDC and an extra $25 if we meet the set new car goal for the month. I'd be happy to share more info about our pay plan -  if you're interested lmk! 

Jay Glover

We pay $12 per hour plus the following bonus each month.


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