Bring on the new Year!

Lauren Moses
As we wrap up today, the last day in 2014, What do you plan to change in 2015 for the better at work? What is one goal that you want to reach by the end of 2015?
Grant Gooley
30% New/Used retail sales increase across our group. 30 Dealers.. (Ok, minimum 10%) Shoot for the stars!
Lauren Moses
Grant, Right on! As most of y'all know we are a super small dealership with an average inventory of new and used combined of around 70. I hope that by the end of 2015 we are an average minimum of 40 a month sales. We are starting GM's SFE and have sales goals to meet. I am hoping to use those as a base to light a fire under everyones butts to push harder and sell more. We can easily be a 50-60 a month store if we push so a minimum of 40 would make me super happy. With the growing sales also comes more inventory too so it's a win win if we can get it done. Shooting for the next galaxy for me!
Grant Gooley
Good for you Lauren! The exciting part is that "Shooting for the next galaxy" is not a crazy statement to make in our business. Especially if you are taking advantage of all the new technology, intercepting the shoppers in places other dealers are not. This gives you the upper hand! I know you can do it :) Go get em' tiger! lol

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