Bringing our online and onsite worlds together

Randi DeSantis

I am trying to get my sales team on board in 2018 to bridge our online and onsite worlds. Suggestions I have made were doing video walk arounds, videos of test drives, videos of intros to service, etc. Things we could share on our website, Facebook, YouTube etc. that put a more personal look to our online world that looks like our actual world once the customer arrives. 

Does anyone else have suggestions on how to get the sales team involved? We are novices. 

Chad HopInTop

Randi. You have some great ideas here. I would surely share them on the media you are referring to. However, you will only reach a small audience. The best way to get the word out and have more eyes on your content is to advertise in your local area. We do this for a lot of car dealerships and they are seeing leads and sales go thru the roof thanks to these services. If you would like to discuss more please visit the website for more information. Thanks

Christian Salazar

Hey Randi.. long time!  you're thinking of great stuff... now it's about getting the dealer and GM to stand behind you and make all of this happen.

Mark Rask

this is such a hard task

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