Building a BDC

Steve Simon
Does anyone know of any place to go to find a place where a newbie BDC rep can go to understand the process of what to do with a lead. What calls to make what e-mails to send out. It seems very difficult to find the correct BDC rep lately, I thought I would try to take a few different people in the Dealership such as a receptioist and train them in the BDC, but I need to build a program.
Grant Gooley
Steve, I am currently assisting with our BDC director in building a program as well. We are using Driving Sales University. Affordable, current, forward thinking courses that students can use at their own pace. Lots of BDC learning as well!! Check it out:
Megan Barto
A lot of CRM's come with pre-installed processes. Throughout the network of DrivingSales, you have representatives/dealership experts for a lot of the CRM's mulling around. Which CRM are you currently using?
Shaun Weissman
I would look at a consulting company who can assist you. Trying to do it on your own is very difficult, You need people, processes, pay plan etc.
Joel Trout
Driving Sales University is a great way to start. They not only train your BDC staff, but help you figure out your process for management.
William Havican
There are a few companies out there that will help you build a BDC, like Traver, Proactive, and Driving Sales. If your dealership sells an OEM they most likely will have some best practices available to you in their back end tools, (ex. GM/Center of Learning, Mazda/MState). With all do respect, maybe it's not a problem with finding the right rep but maybe a problem with the process. if you're just taking a person, giving them a phone and computer, and saying "drive traffic to our store" you're going to have a rough go of it. You need to build a process for the reps, when to call, when to email, when to text, what to say, etc and then train them on the process.

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