Buyers are going digital, are dealers?

Steve Momot

I sort of operated under the assumption that dealers knew consumers wanted to communicate more through email, chat, and text. 

That, of course, is a far cry from liking that fact, or not trying at every turn to get someone on the phone or in the store, but I figured- dealing with customers digitally was settled as necessary awhile ago.

I thought surely, dealers in 2018 couldn't still be demanding digital customers do it the dealers' way.... Boy was I wrong, or am I???

--Which brings me to my question

Do dealerships work with people that want to structure car deals via email or internet or do you still refuse? 


If you do work "Out the door" pricing with customers via chat, text, or email, what would you like to see from a buyer that will:

-Make you comfortable in the fact that they are authentic and ready to buy?

-Make you provide them serious pricing upfront?

Chris K Leslie

Providing pricing or payments to customers is easy when we know their ability to buy. Serious customers should be ready to run their credit. 

Mark Rask

chris is right

Derrick Woolfson

@Steve, while I agree that there are dealers who refuse to provide customers information online such as payment, sale price, etc. I also agree with Chris in that the customers who do ask for that information and are serious usually then provide their credit application. However, that is not always the case. Another issue is that even if we provide them the sale price of the vehicle along with a "monthly" payment it is irrelevant until we know what their credit is and/or if they have a trade-in. Wherein, the customer might agree to that "deal," to then come in and not qualify for the OEM rebates due to credit, flipped in their trade-in, and do not have enough money down. Thus the payment quickly exceeds what they were "hoping" for based off of what they got online. I think if anything, what dealers do need to do a better job of is explaining the "sale price." Making it clear as to what the rebates are and how they get to that number. 

Devin Howell-Shiplack

I agree with @Derrick. From my experience and the research i've been able to come across from Google on the automotive vertical, buyers will visit a VDP 7 times on average (from spending about 60-90 days researching before even setting foot in a dealership). With that being said, having all of the necessary information (financing, pictures, non-cumbersome forms, details on vehicle etc.) being accurately reflected and readily available is HUGE for determining a engaged buyer that qualifies for "x deal". Simply put, if dealers don't put the time and effort on making the buying process similar online vs. in person, they'll go elsewhere. 

Mark Rask

This is really starting to become an issue at our store 

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