Cadillac Pinnacle - Fix the Phones requirement

Ricky Patrick

So Chevrolet started the "fix the phones" setup last year where we have to have under 10% failed calls in order to qualify for some of the OEM money. Now, Cadillac has also added this requirement but they are additionally monitoring Saturday phone traffic and 7-8AM during the week. We aren't even open at that time and have no receptionist so it's killing us on our score.

Is anyone else dealing with this? We could bring in a receptionist for that extra hour but she would have nobody to transfer calls to so it would still count as a failed call. I'm not sure what to do.

Bart Wilson

Is service closed at this time as well?  Seems the answer could be to have someone (service advisor, receptionist) field the calls and transfer them to the cell of an employee at home. 

Sometimes the OEMs have good intention but don't actually have the boots on the ground experience to make a successful program.  Their solution is always to throw money - or withhold money - at the problem.

Chris K Leslie

Yep, I am dealing with the same thing Ricky... 

I actually ended up hiring an answering service to simply answer the call, tell the customer everyone was busy, get a name and phone number thank the customer for calling and end the call. They then send the department head an email with the name and number of the person who called and we call them back. 

I set it up by routing all of GM's phone numbers to a single one of my own tracking numbers that I forward to the answering service.

We have been at 0% call fail rate since I made the change. If you're interested I can DM you my guys' name and number. 

Ricky Patrick

DM sent, thanks. Are you doing this for every call or just those off-hours calls?


Chris K Leslie

I just send them all the GM tracked calls. Even the ones during biz hours. Just makes it easier for me. So they handle about 800-1000 calls per month for us at each store. 

Ricky Patrick

That makes sense. I'll have to figure out how to route those GM tracking numbers from our website. I'm sure CDK can handle it. Thanks. 

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