Call Commando

Joe Simonini
Anyone ever heard of them and or using them? They gave me a free trial for 30 days. Figure I will run my Truecar leads through there instead of Vinsolutions and see if there's a difference.
Tammy Anthony Baker
Have not heard of them but please post an update after your trial.
Joe Simonini
So after running a month I was very impressed. We currently use Vinsolutions for our CRM and I am a big backer of their product. Call commando is very easy to use and very slimmed down. it's not over bearing for BDC reps with extra information. It focuses on one thing and one thing only and thats making a high volume of calls and reaching as many people as possible. Being a new product I thought it could use a little more polishing but can see it evolving into a great tool in the future. I will be keeping an eye on it to see how they update it in the future. I would suggest trying it out for yourself run a free 30 day trial. I'd like to see what others have to say about it.
Michael Bilson
What is the cost of the program? Does it just duplicate the efforts of your BDC like an auto dial system would? Do they just call the lead 5-10-15 times a day until they connect and then transfer back to your BDC? What about leads that don't provide a phone number or request email info sent only? How are those handled?
Joe Simonini
The program is used by your BDC basically it tells them when to call and how often. As far as leads without a number I ddin't get far enough into using it to see how they would be handled. As I mentioned thought it was good just needs work.
Kimberly Tucker
My Dealer signed up for Call Commando almost 10 months ago and as the weeks went by we saw great changes made to it in order for it to work better for us. So the good news for anyone thinking of trying it now, is that the kinks have been worked out already and each day the development team works hard to make even more improvements. Even with some of the initial kinks in place when we started, we saw our appointments TRIPLE. The program is extremely easy: once a lead is created a call is served up to the reps. As soon as they complete that lead, they click NEXT and boom—the next one is served up. There is a call cadence built in or you can request one that better suits your needs (for example, if you have an extremely high lead volume). I always thought our department was highly functional, however, once we started with Call Commando I could not believe the amount of opportunities we were missing. Because of the way that Call Commando works, my BDRs went from 100 outbound calls a day to 300 PLUS. I would not go back to having my girls make any calls again out of our CRM and highly recommend Call Commando. It's free for 30 days, you are under no obligation if you don't like it, so what do you have to lose if you try it? Nothing. However, you may have a lot to lose if you were like us thinking the system you have in place was working great.

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