Call Scripts for Shortfall Retention List

Jason Tootle

Hey everyone.  We are starting up a brand new BDC/Internet Department here at our store for both sales and service.  I have had plenty of experience on the sale side, however the service side is a different story.  I am putting together a campaign list of customers that are on the shortall retention list and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a good call and email script.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Jason Tootle

Derrick Woolfson

Do you guys have a loyalty program at the store? And is the retention referring to the service customer?  i.e they need "X" amount of visits in a year to be retained. If so, you could 'query' those customers sending them a coupon w/ a strong CTA, and then have the BDC follow-up. The other option to is loading the emails to FB running an ad campaign for those select customers.

Jason Tootle

We do have a loyalty program at the store and yes the retention I am referring to is for service customers.  We already have coupons in place that we are sending out to all of them.  I have 3 dedicated service BDC Agents that will be doing the follow up.  I am trying to find a good call script for them to use for follow up.  The retention list is broken down into 3 segments, o-45 days, 46-75 days and 76-100 days before falling off of retention and our coupons get more aggressive the closer the customer gets to the fall off.  I do like the FB idea and will work on getting that implemented, thanks for that suggestion.


John Caudell

How about best ideals for call and email scripts? We all could use those. Does anyone have any?

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