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Ron Henson

What are your best CTA's on a VDP?

I think the old "Call for E-Price" CTA is antiquated and and counter productive.  What say you DS Community?

Maddy Low

When I was working in marketing for a group we had dealerships who tried a wide variety of CTAs. The best ones for that company said "Get Price" or "Get More Info."

Derrick Woolfson

Ron - I could not agree more! All that "call to action" offers is misguidance and more questions. When we used that call to action 9 times out of 10 the customer would ask "what your sale price is for the car," to which we'd say "well that is the sale price." To your point it was so counter productive. 

We have been successful in using "Confirm Availability." I was against it at first, but it has really worked out for us! 

Ron Henson

Good call Derrick! I have dealers expressing concern that the internet customers are always looking for an additional discount above and beyond their posted prices and it's no wonder why that is happening.  In many cases they have a posted price and directly under it is an icon that says, "Click for E-Price" or something to that effect. They're basically telling the site visitor that there is an additional discount available and then they are upset when the visitor asks for it.

I like your idea.  I have also seen good success with dealers using "Lock this price" or something similar.

Thanks for your comment.

In my experience "Get ePrice" has always generated the most lead submissions. However, I've seen much better quality leads with "Confirm Availability" although not as many leads.

Mark Rask

Dealer guy that data is helpful

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