calls to appointments to shows

Steve Simon
Does anyone have an opinion on what percentage should be derived from outbound calls to appointments and then appointment confirmation to shows As always thanks
mark rask
We use this formula. 100 calls= 12 appointments, 12 appointments = 6 shows , 6 shows =4 sales
Christopher Murray
Steve, it depends on the source you are calling. For instance if you were making COLD calls the final sold is less than direct mail because the recipient of the call has no time to change their mind like they do with a MAIL piece, like Mark said.....4 to 5 on 100 called. Calling previous (lost) customers from sales or service you would expect 10% close, etc.... If you get more specific I bet all of the DS participants can give you more precise figures.
Robert Karbaum
I think striving for a 10% call to sold ratio is a good place to start. The key, is to focus on the metrics in-between. Lead/Appt % Show% and Closing%
Kheneil Black
The metrics are solid Robert Karbaum and Chris are right. Maybe you could try having a dedicated person to do the calls. That could tweek the success rates in your favor. I found as a sales person being on the floor and taking ups sometimes took away from making a string of customer calls.
Christopher Murray
Kheneil I like the idea of a dedicated caller. I also agree that pulling a salesperson off the floor to make calls is a losing battle unless you have a plan.

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