Carfax VS Autocheck

James Jalali
Which Vehicle history report are you using, Carfax or Autocheck? We have been using Carfax for many years and hesitated to switch to Autocheck, because carfax had a deal with Autotrader, and some other online inventory listing page for years to only show their report. Now that Autocheck report is available on those sites next to Carfax, I have been considering about switching. I am satisfied with Carfax report and service. But cost is not comparable to Autocheck. I also would like to know where they get their data from. I know that big portion of it comes from DMV and Franchise dealers’ service department. The other day I was comparing report on a vehicle from Carfax and Autocheck side by side; I noticed that their data is not the same. Carfax report show accident on the vehicle but Autocheck shows no accident, Carfax show color as Orange, while the color is gray. What do you think? I appreciate your input.
Justin Grubb
I currently use Autocheck, but have used Carfax as well. We switched to Autocheck for the savings, because ultimately, we found that both can have discrepancies. While I feel Autocheck may be more accurate, I have nothing to prove that.
James Jalali
Justin, Thanks for the feedback, I have some observation myself that will share after I here from more people.
Megan Barto
We've always used Carfax - I wouldn't be opposed to using Autocheck but would want to know how user-friendly their back end is. For example if my Service Department types in a mileage incorrectly (even though that NEVER happens :-P) - how easy is it to fix the mistake on the Autocheck report? With carfax, it's a very simple process. Does anyone who uses Autocheck have any experiences with this? Thank you!
Shannon Hammons
We have found Autocheck is better when trading or buying a vehicle for us. Carfax is more friendly to the dealer when giving to the customer. In other words Autocheck lists more details than Carfax
mark rask
We use autocheck and are happy with them. Initially we went with them because of the cost savings

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