Cargurus IMV question

Ty Bullard

Does anyone have any idea how the cargurus IMV value is determined?  I am trying to track it and figure out how often it changes and updates?  Also am curious if these “delivery results” that show up in the searches in my area are affecting the IMV value or not?  I believe these added delivery cars are affecting my views negatively as it has added up to 30 cars to some of the models i carry due to our franchises. My rep told me yesterday that some models if there is not enough in a certain distance they add these delivery cars to help reach some number. I guess there is a certain amount of listings that want displayed in each search. Doesn’t make sense it me as this turns into a less relevant search for the consumer.  Any cargurus help is appreciated as this has been a good lead provider. Thanks in advance for your help 

Mark Rask

its based on the listings that they have vs. auto trader which is based on actual transactions 

John Finucane

When you say actual transactions are you referring to cars sold on autotrader? That would give them market day supply since Autotrader has all of the auction data to make sure the cars that come off Autotrader aren't at auction (basically how the Stockwave tool works). But I'm still interested in more info on how that algorithm works because it changes hourly it seems.

Jeremy Sacco

Hi Ty - Jeremy from CarGurus here. Thought you might want to see this writeup of how we calculate IMV. No, delivery results from outside your area don't impact your deal ratings. And it updates every day. Hope that helps! 

Martins Ville

Your Cargurus rep can give you a sheet with all the packages and options (ie Convenience Package) their system counts for valuation. CPO cars get NO lift.

Martins Ville

For most of our vehicles we will show up on the top search results in cargurus. If you're using vauto and if you're over 102%, it's taking you more than 60 days to sell any unit. Burn and turn.

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