- Changing the car business in Canada?

Evan Brown
Has anyone heard of yet? I think it may only be available in Canada at this point but I'm not sure. I know the company was started by Canadians from Ottawa. Basically this site takes the shopping out of new car buying. - "What makes us unique is the ability to chat with competing salespeople real time. This direct connection via profile will save you countless hours driving dealer to dealer finding the right car and price." Have any of you had a chance to take a look at this or even upload any vehicles? Or sold any vehicles? I'm pretty sure it's in its first few weeks of launch but it is something to watch for sure.
Brent Wees
Thanks for the heads up. I think I my have heard a radio spot up in the Ottawa area last time i was there??
Karen Ann
Kind of looks like the same model as newcarselloff?
Evan Brown
Karen, seems similar but I think the interesting thing about this site is sales people log on and bid on deals in a sense. I spoke with one of the founders last week and he said they are working on launching a real time chat function that could eliminate email response time.. whatever sales person is online and responds faster gets the opportunity to sell that customer.
Steve Dumas
Below is a radio interview from March of 2015 with Carmigo co-founder Michel O'Conner:

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