Leads And Connections

Michael Smith

Is anyone else having issues reaching leads?  Over the last 90 days we have had over 300 leads yet have only been able to connect with 32%.  This is running well below Carguru at 51% and Autotrader at 59%.  The vast majority are vin specific vehicle leads.  

Bart Wilson

I guess I'm asking if they are all including the same information (stock number, year, make, model, etc).  It would be interesting to analyze if the CG or AT leads have more information and thus they are a more serious buyer.  Just spitballing here.....

Michael Smith

Excellent question. They have been spread out mostly among our used vehicles with the occasional new. 

Bart Wilson

Interesting.  If a lead had less information than a CG or AT lead, I could see it.  I'm with Ricky on this.  I don't think it's necessarily shady, but you can't argue with the numbers.

Mark Rask

same problem here when we were a dealer for them 

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