vs autotrader

mark rask

The srp number in the reporting for is hugely different than auto trader. It is WAY more. Are they computing the number the same way?

Chris K Leslie

I see the same thing here in Vegas. I think it's pretty normal depending on what package you have with Autotrader. we don't buy the new car stuff from them so our new inventory doesnt show up until after the first few pages. Which is fine, we didn't see a decrease in contacts or SRP/VDP conversions. is going to show more of everyone's inventory on the same page because they dont play the dealer package game. 

Car Gurus will be higher than autotrader too. 

Aaron Berg

We see more success with We recently cut autotrader at both stores and have not missed a beat!

Bill H

Interesting... we also cut AutoTrader and also saw no downside, reinvested the spends in SEO and other products. We even tried the recommend F&I sheet as they suggested. Sadly for them, only 2 buyers in the trial month circled AT. We loved our rep, but the product didn't deliver. The VDP is super busy and then a survey for AT slides up over the photo of my car! That finished it for me. 

Will McGinnis

From what I understand SRPs are calculated differently between the two. VDPs should be the same and the arguably the most important number to focus on. 

Will McGinnis

When I say "same" I mean that your VDP is your VDP versus an SRP is just your vehicle among others in a search. How the two calculate the SRP...I can only tell you that ATC calculates it only when the car is delivered on that page (i.e. I'm on page 2 and that's where the car is - then it counts as an SRP).

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