CDK crm?

Jeff White
We have had CDK for 16 months now and continue to have issues that we did not have with our previous crm. Anyone out there have/had CDK? I feel like we have given it a solid try and it is frustrating to keep having issues this far into the process. Also, I feel like we went backwards in features going from Our previous crm to CDK. Anyone have suggestions on which crm is the most complete for the automotive industry?Thanks
Shawn Ryder
Jeff - interested in your feedback, what do you see as the biggest challenges with the CDK CRM?
Jeff White
@Chris We have had some of the same issues. It seems like we lost some functionality. It all seems rather confusing with the task triggers and the lead status configurations. I talked to a support guy last week that told me there are 5 different ways to do everything in the CRM and I told him I just needed one way to do it the same every time. Frustrating!
Karen R
Hi sorry to hear that we have used elead and dealer socket both were very good crm systems. Good luck!
Shawn Ryder
Some great feedback - when it comes to CRMs - how important is flexibility for having your own status options? Or having overall flexibility in communication options?
Steve Maybee
@Jeff and Chris. Do you guys have to use the CDK CRM? If it's that bad, why not just switch.

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