centralized bdc

Mark Rask

hOw many of you have multiple rooftops and have your bdc departments spread out among them? What are the pros and cons to this?

Derrick Woolfson

In my last auto group, we spread the BDC Agents across the stores. I was not a fan of a centralized BDC because it was harder to communicate with both the sales managers and sales consultants. That and you were not able to take photos of the inventory for a customer. Just my two cents. 

Chris Travis

I know this is old and I worked for both. On one hand it's more money for the reps since working more leads with more inventory to move between.

On the other the problem with it lays with mostly internal stuff. You get people refusing to take pictures at the offsite store, managers accusing reps of giving one store of favoritism, a store in the other city pretty thought BDC was working against them so would ignore calls and not have things for customers ready that were agreed upon. Of course at first we weren't playing favorites but if they put in leads to multiple stores and those work with us fine and the store that doesn't then guess which store we are going to send them to. They eventually replaced that management and that part got fixed a bit but the old manager still had ingrained in the sales team's head that we were out against them and took about another year to get them all on board.

I thought I would like decentralized which I moved to because I was tired of the internal stuff. Missed the volume. If I were to go back what I would have suggested is keeping it mostly centralized with maybe one rep working from another location at some point during the week. That way if can't get a hold of a manager than can physically find them or get photos or information for customers on site.

Now my store was two autoplexes with 7 stores between them but 4 dealerships were located next to each other in one city while 3 others were next each other 30 minutes away. That semi centralized may have worked for something like that but not one where all the stores were far away from each other.


If the internal stuff could be taken car of with like a liaison at the stores or something I'd rather have the centralized.

Also had a big problem with other stores not using CRM and logging customers so many showed up and even bought which we didn't figure out until we checked the backend because no one notified us. Also professional to call a customer to find out they missed and find out they showed and couldn't get approved or even bought but from a totally different sales person that they were originally set up with.

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