Shannon Hammons

It's been a while since I posted but question for everyone. Who would you recommend for the best chat services available right now?

Jake Smith

I just embedded Facebook Messenger on our website. It seems to be working pretty well. The key is that someone is prompt to answer since it can't be automated (maybe it can with a thirdparty). In my mind, customers are more comfortable with Facebook Messenger.. because if you have Facebook you're going to have Messenger installed on your phone too. 

Chris K Leslie

That’s awesome Jake, I’ve been looking at doing the same thing. 

Ricky Patrick

I use Tawk. It's free.

Drew Bettiol

We use Gubagoo and they post our used inventory on Facebook Marketplace for us as well.

Shannon Hammons

we use gubagoo as well. I am just wondering what everyone else is using


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