Shannon Hammons

Currently using Gubagoo. We have used carnow and contact at once before. Who has the best platform currently

Derrick Woolfson

I used to use CarNow as it was apart of my last dealer groups CRM. As of now, we have been using CRMSuites Chat Service, which is also integrated into their CRM. Out all of all the chat providers I have used, CRMSuite has been the best for many reasons. The previous providers were either in their own portal (not automatically connected with the CRM), or for those that were connected with the CRM (CarNow) they were not always reliable and it was frustrating to use. 

That said, one of things I like best about CRMSuites chat is that I can edit the front-facing elements/settings all within the CRM. Do not need to put in countless support tickets, we can also easily categorize the chat lead type within the "chat session" so it does not create a bad lead, the chat history is also easily accessible within the customer card, and shows as a chat versus showing as a lead. I also like the fact that because its built and managed by the CRM they know their product! I cannot tell you how many times, previously, that I had to get the chat tool working again and wasted hours with vendors playing the blame game. 

Lastly, they have a lot features that are unique to their platform - everything from video chat (which is saved in the profile!), better inventory integration (with editing tools), easy to use photo sharing, document attachments, and the list goes on. But more importantly, its all in the customers history for easy-go-to access! 

Chris K Leslie

We've been using for a few years now. It's free and powerful. 

Brian Nieves

CarNow work great for us, especially with customer using the digital retailing tool. Did you have any issues with them?

Chris K Leslie

Thats good to hear Brian, I think its time I take another look at them. 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- I have never heard of That's awesome that it's free. I'll have to look into this! 

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