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Mark Rask

I recently changed chat providers. We have seen a HUGE decrease in leads with the new provider. I have no idea why this would change so drasticly. The only difference that I see is that the new service requires a name to start

Stuart White

Mark, who were you using previously?

Maddy Low

May be a good opportunity to use Vendor Ratings and shop around for some highly rated chat services! 

Derrick Woolfson

A decrease in lead counts can be scary, BUT - you also want to look at the leads you did get from the chat provide. What type of lead was it? Did you even get information from the chat provider? Or, was it the "John Noname" and a bad email? We use Elead1's chat provider "CarNow," and have seen awesome results with it!

Joe Simonini

Check out They are a free service. I know hard to believe but very dynamic they have web app and phone app as well.  

Brad Paschal

We use CarChat24 and have had good results

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