Chat Service

Morgan Hardy

We currently use CarNow and Contact At Once for chat service. What others are out there? Opinions?

Mark Rask

we are using conversations and they y are doing now was very good 

Kathy Barnard

We have been using carnow, however we recently began to transition to Active engage. Carnow does not have the capability to adjust their processes to meet our needs. 

Brian Nieves

I have tried a good number of chat providers and CarNow has done the best for us. Very few issues. Are you letting them handle the chats or are does your employees jump in and take over when they get deal now alerts?

Bart Wilson

I got a demo of CarNow's Facebook messaging solution and it looks pretty slick.  Where are you currently deploying chat?  

Drew Delaware

Hi Morgan, Gubagoo is the choice of over 6500 dealers, including 90% of the top 150 dealer groups. Happy to have someone reach out to offer you a demo as you consider the different solutions in the market.

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