Chevrolet Compass Tour

Sheri Hudspeth
Has anyone attended the Compass Tour for Chevrolet? In what city did you attend? and what did you think? I am heading to the event in San Francisco on the 25th and would love to hear some shared experiences or things to look for.
Steve Tuschen
I did in Minnesota. It is a 100% sales pitch for vendors and prospecting tools that GM approved. If you are not looking at adding or changing vendors it is a waste of the day in my opinion. The phone calls from all of the vendors for the next month are a real treat as well.
Kristy Elliott
I attended in Greensboro and agree 100% with Steve.
Sheri Hudspeth
Im attending Tuesday in Santa Clara, CA if anyone is going. Lucky for me the Giants are in Town :) Go Giants!
Tammy Anthony Baker
I work with a few GM dealers that have attended and while it is primarily a day long sales pitch, all of them liked it. Best case, you'll onboard a new vendor that will bring something new and improved to your dealership. Worst case, you'll get some really good information to discuss with your current vendors to make sure you're getting the most from your relationships. Love to hear what you think after you attend ~
mark rask
We were also thinking of attending......don't need another sales pitch though

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