Clean slate for your BDC........

Jeff White

Let's say we all get to go back to a clean slate with our BDC's. Knowing what you know now, what are some of the things you would start out with in your new BDC? What would you change and what would you keep the same? Curious to the feedback.

robert douglass

I would want to make sure we defined what we want our BDC to really accomplish and then make sure all of our processed all pointed to achieving those goals.


mark rask

back to basics...good stuff


it depends on what your goal is in the BDC. If it is creating appointments that show and increasing showroom traffic, I would recommend buying into a process that includes 

Identifying the right talent for the seats, many times this included a fresh re-boot

Identifying what your BDR's are expected to produce in terms of appointments/shown/sold ratios

Identifying the workload associated with each BDR based on your lead count

identifying what their follow up schedule and word tracks

Training, training, training

This requires buy in from the top down 

Michael Bilson

Install Conversica as my first  BDC rep hire.  Why ??  Only Rep that will work 24 hours a day, never call in sick or late, and uses advanced email servers to beat the spam filters.  Keeps everything  in-house and under the dealerships control.

Ron Henson

This is a good discussion.  I would build my BDC around these three items: Training, Process, & Accountability.  I would assure that the manager was managing the activities that lead to results, constantly training on those activities, and measuring against those activities in conjunction with the results that those activities yielded.

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