Click Here for E-Price

Ron Henson

What message are we sending to customers when we have a "Click Here for E-price" button on our VDP's?

What are some alternative titles for that button?

Will McGinnis

Why does there have to be a button? 

Chris K Leslie

I think the "lead" button has good intentions. The problem is car guys trying to do marketing. The e-price can be a good low quality lead catcher. As long as you know the quality of those leads is going to be way less than if you put a CTA that you will actually deliver on like "Schedule Appt" 

If you don't intend to send a price that is different than the price you have listed on the vehicle. It probably makes sense not to have that be your CTA. 

Ron Henson

What do you think of the CTA "Lock in this E-Price?"

Chris K Leslie

It's better. 

Jonathan Dawson

How about:

"Reserve My Car"

"Hold this Vehicle"

"Verify Availability"

"Secure Vehicle"

The only thing I have witht the "Lock in this E-price" is their are people who don't want to lock in a price that may go down, and it may trigger that idea since they have no expectation it will go up?

Great topic though!

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