Click rates for online display ads?

Linda Loepker
I am always incredibly disappointed with our click rates for online banner ads. Our vendor gets excited because they are "way above national average". Um - I paid how much for 15 clicks?? To me, that's unacceptable. Do I need to examine my ad copy? The landing page? My gut says to eliminate from the budget and try something else.....
Larry Schlagheck
Linda, tweaking ads - even the smallest change - can make a huge difference. Test, test, test, and then test more! Run A/B testing and see what works better, then tweak that "winning" ad to see if you can improve CTR. Sometimes the slightest change in a headline, as an example, can make a big difference. Finally, look into native advertising. Some of the most savvy marketers in the U.S. (dealership folks like you) have embraced native ads to an enormous degree within DrivingSales eNewsletters. Maybe they can work for you too.
Lauren Moses
Linda, I have to agree with Larry. Mock up 3 or 4 different ads and ask around the dealership which the employees and even customers standing around like more. Then take the 2 best and run them. See your response rate and then do it again the next week but with the best ad tweaked even more. How much on average are they charging you per click?
Bruno Lucarelli
Online ads should always be a call to action, NOT branding. Present a lease price, $0 Down, etc. prominently. I have also found that including geographic data helps ('$0 Down Lease in NJ') as many users don't know it's a local ad. Lauren and Larry are correct, run several campaigns and test the results. As far as WHERE you are buying them, I would stick to Facebook, as most local newspaper and TV sites can't offer a broad local audience (or are SOLD OUT to car dealers). Display campaigns only work when you can buy at least a few hundred thousand impressions for a week. FYI, any click through rate above 1.5% is a good one. Bruno
Lezlie Brannan
I don't look at the click through rate as the true KPI. Yes, the ad has to deliver a good CTR, but you have to look beyond and see what the value of that click is. How many pages are they viewing, how long are they on your site, how many of the CTR are new/returning visitors? Some of the most valuable that I've found are local newspaper sites (demand above the fold placement!), Facebook, and some retargeting ads. It seems to me that the most local and organic websites and ad messages perform the best. Make sure you do due diligence with your vendors, and always have an out clause on any contract if their performance is less than you agree to.
Lauren Moses
Linda, Login to Dealer Command center and check what your ads are doing thru cobalt. It is going to be under the website tab and then advertising. GM does some advertising for you though you can't choose the campaigns or edit them it can give you an idea of what theirs is bring in. Lezlie also has a good point that most of us forget. A click thru does no good if they don't stay on the page long enough to actually get an interest in anything. Check your time lengths and then compare your numbers. Email me if you need some help.

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