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gregg hayim

Hi all, Im sure this has been discussed but after searching with no luck I wanted to ask y'all a question and get some opinions. Given that most of us look at Closing Percentages based off of some revised varient of the 60-60-60 model, I was wondering where you guys shoot to be in terms of the close percentage as a whole. Meaning- of all the web leads that come in, where is your benchmark percentage for sales? (number of sales/total web leads). I am seeing my dealerships close, using this metric, at roughly 15% and Im just unsure where this stacks up as Ive never paid much attention to calculating the metric in this manner. Any thoughts?

mark rask

we have a hyundai store and a chevy hyundai we close our used car leads at 18-19 pct. at chevy it is only at 5 pct.....we have had the hyundai store a lot longer 

Chris K Leslie

Goal is 15% for all of our stores. We have Chevy, Buick and GMC stores. 

Reality is 8-10% 

Still have hopes though. 

mark rask

if i could get the chevy store to double digits it would be great


Dealer Guy

12% average. If I cleaned up the sourcing it'll be higher but this is raw, with dupes.

gregg hayim

great stuff, thanks for the feedback guys. Just throwing it out for the hell of it- what are you guys benchmarking for the traditional metrics? Assuming no one is still going 60-60-60, ya?

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