Coaching the customer for survey's lol...

Peter Stratton
Here is an email I received from a vendor... who b the way did not need to do this because I am satisfied... • 5 stars please if we deserve them (4 hurts us) • What do you like about the product and or company? • And if there's any 'cons'? Things we could do to improve if anything, if not (see below) • You do have to put something in the 'con area' so something as simple as "no cons" would be great!
raphael chan
this seems like a great way to preface your customers and making them aware that anything less then a perfect score will cause damage. I also take it upon myself as a sales person to ask if I have provided an positive experience and state that in the survey anything less then 100 would mean that I was found unsatisfactory.
Larry Schlagheck
Peter, was this from a vendor asking you to rate it on DrivingSales?
Vincent R
The word track we use is, "In two days you should receive an email survey from Chrysler. Now it's IMPERITIVE that we receive a 10 out of 10 on every question. If for whatever reason you are unable to give us a 10 out of 10 on any question, STOP the survey and call us immediately so we can resolve the issue. That's fair isn't it?"
Lauren Moses
We let all of our customers know about the survey. We want them to be truthful but along the lines of what Vincent said, we let them know that if they aren't prepared to give us 10 out of 10 then let us know so we can resolve the issue now before they even get the survey since we want them to leave happy. An email like that sounds more like they are just interested in getting a large number of reviews. Maybe to cover up bad ones they have received?
Peter Stratton
Guys and Gals... This was from a vendor asking for 5 Star reviews on Driving Sales....

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