Combined Sales and Service BDC

Amanda Hilbun

Hi, guys!  

My sales and service BDC are both doing a great job, and we just recently moved them all into one big office together.  I had an idea that maybe I could cross train them all on both sides to make them and the dealership more money and have more than enough coverage.  But then I thought about how in the world I would do their pay structure.

Currently, they are all hourly employees.  The sales BDC gets paid $25 a sold unit, and the service BDC has an appointment and outbound call goal.  If they reach both of those goals, they get a flat $350.  

Any ideas on how I could pay them, if I ended up cross training?  It might not be feasible, but it never hurts to ask.  Thanks!  

Derrick Woolfson

I am a big advocate of cross-training. It is very helpful when someone calls out, vacation, etc. As for the pay structure, I would pay the service BDC for the appointments that were "sold," and leave the bonus as it stands. They would not be booking the same level of appointments as the sales BDC if they are only handling additional coverage. 

Joe Tareen

Service BDC and Sales BDC are two different mindsets. Sales BDC agent sells the appointments, whereas Service BDC sells the entire experience. If you have talented enough agents to switch the roles on a fly then i would recommend it. That being said your heart is in absolutely in the right place. You are attempting to drive more value of out of your BDC operations and hence larger returns for the dealership. Few things to consider here. 


1) Are you ready to manage to two different pay plans?

2) Does one pay plan pay better then the other?Could that make your agents partial to one type of BDC over the other and create an imbalance.

3) By cross training do you open a chance of turning your BDC agents jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none.

If you can mitigate the risks above and provision for them, you might have a success story. But we always play to win. Good Luck.



Andrei Smith

Our service BDC and our sales BDC are in 2 locations, although I wish they were both here. It would be nice to have a smoother experience for our service customers. Our sales BDC is in house and seems to much better at working with customers.

Joe Tareen

@Andrei Smith: What are some of the issues you're team is facing with the remote Service BDC? Perhaps I can provide some advice to make it much smoother for your team. We do this for many dealers here and faced many obstacles and overcome many of them.

Mark Rask

Seperate them....two different mind sets

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