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Amanda Hilbun

Hi, guys!  We have Contact at Once, and it's a great chat provider.  They recently told me about how I could get their chat on Facebook free of charge.  Isn't this essentially the same as Facebook messenger?  Anybody out there utilize this part of CAO?  Thanks!

Correction: You can get Facebook on THEIR chat, not their chat on Facebook. So basically what they'll do is integrate your dealership's Facebook account with their chat software (which you're already using) to help streamline communication with your FB followers. Anytime someone messages your dealership FB page, it will now come through as a chat on the CAO software on your computer.

It's a free integration, so I guess it doesn't hurt to try. But basically if you're not getting a whole lot of messages on your dealership's FB page anyway, then I guess it doesn't make much of a difference to have it.

Amanda Hilbun

Thanks for the clarification.  I was very confused.  My rep didn't quite explain it like that.  

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