Aaron Berg

Has anyone had experience with Conversica? I believe it was formally known as Meet Ava. Thanks!

Jason Stum

Hey Aaron, back in my dealership days we used the product when it was known as Ava. After testing it out for a couple of months, we ultimately decided that people and process was the answer for us - not a computer program.

Conversica seems to get brought up here on the forums quite a bit and I'm sure the Conversica reps will be replying to your question shortly to offer their 2 cents (they do that here....ALOT). Here are a couple older threads covering the same topic.

Hope that helps, cheers!

Dealer Guy


Mary has some information about the Mazda for you. Is the best email she can send this too?

Sherry, Virtual Copycat

P.S. Watch Conversica demo, jot down the emails they use, copy and use.

P.P.S. You won't even have to pay Conversica.

Chris K Leslie

I'm surprised we havent heard from them yet. Maybe their AI called in sick today. 



Emily Hayes

We used them for a two years and recently cancelled.  Our biggest complaint from customers was we were emailing too frequently ( you almost need to cut off any contact other than by phone for it not to be too frequently) and it is confusing that multiple people from the store are contacting them.  The biggest benefit is catching and addressing issues with our sales team.  The complaints outweighed the benefit to us.  Another thing we noticed is that for "uncontacted" leads or people we never got a response by phone or email,  the 1st 5 emails sent from them just ask did you get our email.  Not an incredibly compelling reason to reply!

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