Conversica Thoughts

Trevor Wilson

Hi all,

I know this topics pops up often but through my research here, I haven't seen it since 2016. :) 

As we know, vendors grow and improve over years or process and data. 

So I am asking, as of 11/12/2018.  What are your thoughts on the Conversica product?  Is anyone using it?  Pros and cons?

I am trying to hone the communication of our internet Leads, so I am looking at solutions.

Thanks in advance!

Mark Rask

I feel like it has gotten a lot better

Derrick Woolfson

@Trevor, it is a great tool. But just like any other vendor, it is important to note that while they can target which leads are best to contact, you still have to manage the vendor. If your sales managers and consultants are engaged with the tool it can be very successful. That said, I would ensure that your sales managers are on board, and there is a plan of action for how the sales consultants will engage with the tool. 

Mark Rask

derrick you are so right

Steve Roessler

Statistically, AI gets about 30% engagement with internet leads.  So, @trevor you are focusing in the right area.    Train the staff to make sure they incorporate the AI in their daily communications (Phone, Text, Email, & Video).    Make her a part of the team and the customer experience.    Many times, BDC fight the AI.    I would also recommend removing many email tasks from their business rules.  AI will email so why double up in that form of communication.     I would sprinkle email and more text, phone and personalized video.  

Make sense?

Bart Wilson

@Steve, great insight.  I think it's important to trust the AI.  There is a real temptation to try and out-think it.

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