Craigslist postings

Vincent R
I was wondering if you guys have a specific format that you use when posting on craigslist that has proven to be more successful. Do you have a strategy for taking pictures? Same format for every car or do you change it up a little bit? Thanks.
Dennis Wagner
Same picture set up for all cars. That's what you get known for if you do it correctly. Your website provider usually provides a selection of templates for Craigslist depending on who you use. They have to be pretty stealth or they will get kicked.
Lauren Moses
I agree with Dennis. You want the same picture set up for all your vehicles. We use the same list of pictures for all our vehicles new and used. As for posting on craigslist, I believe our website provider has a format, we just don't post with them.
Vincent R
What type of explanation for the car do you give? Or do you just list features?
Lauren Moses's a gem that I found. These have been a HUGE help to me.
Dennis Wagner
I have done both. I think the vehicle description draws more attention than the automated vehicle options list personally.

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