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George Santangelo
We are exploring CRM solutions as well. Currently we are with DealerServer, and the two vendors I am closely considering are DealerSocket and DealerPeak. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Adam Denault
I have looked at both of those as well. We are also considering Vinsolutions due to being an Autotrader Company.
Chris Hill
I've used Autobase, Vinsolutions, DealerCRM(ImagicLab), DealerSocket and HigherGear. I can tell you that Vinsolutions and DealerCRM(Imagiclab) are the best options out there. The best bang for he buck is DealerCRM(ImagicLab) they are exactly like Vinsolutions with better training and way better pricing. We kicked DealerSocket out of our stores after 30 days, it was a very bad experience for us. Hope this helps!
Megan Barto
We've been with VinSolutions since 2007 & I can't complain. Their functionality and options are amazing. They are also continuously improving the system. I've never worked with iMagicLabs, however I've heard great things about them as well.
Adam Denault
Chris and Megan thanks for your input on Vinsolutions. I think we are leaning towards giving Cox Communications/AutoTrader more of our money. We are currently using vAuto and AutoTrader new and preowned advertising solutions. Are there any negatives you see from VIN?
Gerald Hand
Perhaps a more thorough understanding of what your needs and desires are would be more appropriate rather than listening to I use this or this. I have used several CRM in the past and they all have Two things in common: they are only as good a the weakest link (generally the sales staff and/or follow up management) and why they can't do. By that I mean one program integrates well with telephony and another really well with DMS for inventory or data mining. All software has weaknesses. Which ones are critical to your application?

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