CRM does not have texting option...

Jeff White
Does anyone have suggestions on texting options? We recently changed CRM's and the one we had previously had the integrated texting feature in the CRM. With our new CRM we no longer have that option and I feel we are missing opportunities to connect with our leads by not being able to text. The added benefit of the integrated texting was that the outgoing/incoming text were put in the CRM as contact and we could then go through them and view them just like we do our emails. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Randy Smith
Wow...who approved that purchase? Why drop from your CRM a great feature? Just curious as to the reasoning here.
Grant Gooley
That is an interesting feature. What CRM was it? Did you simply text from a desktop computer and converse through the CRM?
Craig Waikem
Bummer. Surprised before you went with a new CRM this wasn't a requirement. However, don't let it be an excuse. We used Google Voice for over 3 years extremely successful. Text your customers through google voice, copy and paste the transcripts into the CRM. We did this for several years and it worked.
Antonisha Polite
We use a website/app called Text Now. When I'm at work, I just use the web based version on my computer and when I'm away from my desk, I use the app on my phone. We do like Craig above and just copy and paste into CRM to keep track.
Ed Brooks
I use GoogleVoice for both phone calls AND text. It lacks all accountability (what you need your CRM for) but it is free. I know ContactAtOnce does have text capabilities and if you are already using them for Chat, adding Text would be a no brainer. They do integrate with CRMs.

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