CRM - what system works best and why?

Sarah Dodd

My dealership is on it's 4th different CRM since I started here back in 2009. ELeads, ADP, and now we're using VinSolutions.

We CANNOT keep switching...but that being said, we just started with VinSolutions back in October and we're already having huge issues with the CRM not working as it's supposed to. No joke - every day I'm calling support with a new issue. Typically it can't be resolved immediately. For an example, we're currently on our 4th week waiting for their mobile app to start working correctly and they've apparently had their senior engineering team "on it" for about 3 of those 4 weeks.

When you're shopping for CRM's, every company says theirs is the best - but I want to know what works best for YOU! What you have, why you like it or why you don't like it!

Sarah Dodd

Dealer Socket contacted me today for a demo - like I said, I love the idea of VinSolutions, I was so impressed during the demo's and training. But now, we spend more time complaining at support to fix things that don't work! It would be wonderful if there weren't so many kinks in their system. And they could definitely use to step it up on training.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. VinSolutions was one of my personal favorites, along with ELEAD1ONE. I found both to be user friendly, and it was easy to get my sales guys on board with using the CRM on a daily basis.

Like any CRM out there, there were bound to be some issues. In my experience, I simply found that I had less problems with these particular CRMs than I had had with other ones. *coughREYNOLDScough*

To be fair though, I used ReyRey nearly 10 years ago. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then. 

Carl Maeda

I'm familiar with several CRMs. Eleads is one of my favorites for ease of use and support.  They have the best support I've ever seen.

Mark Rask

we are using dealer works well

jim zurzolo

We began using Drive Centric a few months ago. We switched for the mobile application, the automation of follow up planning and the Artificial Intelligence. I was skeptical of how well this would work till I saw customers having conversations with the computer. I have customers flirting, arguing, negotiating, pouring out their hearts, begging for credit help and scheduling appointments. The AI has this going on 24 hours a day. I can say one thing I don't really want anyone else using this system. I have exclusive in my market but with this system I have no boundaries. I shipped two cars to Iceland. We picked up pictures and video in the system and my team this month so far sent over 1000 video emails. Our response from leads has gone out of control. We were averaging 250 cars a month we expect to do 400 within a few months.  

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