Customer Services KILLS Your Business!

Mathew Thomas

We just came back from our family vacation as we traveled across the country, experiencing life via white water rafting, trekking up mountains and more.  It was amazing and much needed.  I want to share with you of one of the experiences we had with a local business. 

We had a professional photographer with us during our trip.  My wife wanted to get her hair done so she searched online for salons with no less than a four star rating.  She found one with outstanding reviews and called them.  Once she hung up the phone, she was amazed at their professionalism which included a friendly tone, expert knowledge and an appointment set.  They confirmed the appointment over the phone, via text and email, with the date, time and clear directions on getting there. 

Once she entered the place, she was greeted as if she’s been part of the family, got her hair done in an hour, and she came out looking absolutely stunning! 

But wait!  There’s more! 

A day later, this hair salon FOLLOWED UP by calling her to see how our photo shoot went after their service.  That’s a HAIR SALON my friends. 

Friends, let me tell you that what they gave us was NOT “customer service”.  That’s CUSTOMER CARE EXCELLENCE. 

What do you think the chances are that women who have that kind of experience would return to that salon? 

“But it costs more!” 

Who cares? 

The experience outweighs the slight overcharge. 

This concept is so simple, but people make it so complicated. 

“But I don’t know what to say.”

Just make the call and worry about everything else later. 

Stop giving the average customer service, that only MEETS their expectations.  It will KILL your business.  No one will remember you that way. 

Your customers/clients deserve, over-the-top, CUSTOMER CARE EXCELLENCE, that EXCEEDS their expectations. 

Do you want to increase your revenue/income by 30-50%?  Give your customers an over-the-top experience of excellence for the next seven days and watch what your next paycheck looks like.

Mathew Thomas

Well, it looks like I can't edit or remove after a post has been published. 

Please excuse the error in the title.  The title should read "Customer Service KILLS Your Business."

Clint Jones


Great story!  We can all do better with customer service.  

Think about this for a second.  Your wife searched for salons with no less than a 4 Star average review.  Good thinking.  What if there had been 10?  

What if out of those 10, 8 of them posted their prices right down to the most minute detail in terms of the product or service they offered?

What if out of those 8, 2 of them posted prices that were significantly less than the other 6?

What if the website owned by those 2 were significantly more "up to date" and just generally more appealing?

I ask these questions because I am personally willing to provide follow up and service to my customers.  What I can't seem to figure out is how to get prospective customers to give me a try, even if my prices are a little higher.  I can't seem to pry people away from the price tag long enough to even get a chance to prove to them just how good we are.  I can keep the customers I have (within reason of course).  I can't seem to find enough new customers to actually grow my business the way that I want to.

Mathew Thomas

Hello Clint,

You make an excellent point and thank you for bringing up this thought-provoking question.  There is much to explain here but without getting into all the minutia, to start off, I would say that the desired customer experience is all about the VALUE much more than it is about price.  Just to start off, your marketing needs to show and prove other people's experience of your professionalism, time, efficiency, amenities, return/exchange policy, fair pricing, integrity, transparency, etc.  This would produce quality leads.  Then you want to make sure that your staff is solidly trained on converting those leads into appointments by building value throughout the communications as well as professional training your staff on closing deals.  I have personally grown dealerships over a 100% growth consistently up to 400% as I have worked with dealers side-by-side to grow their company using the principles I just mentioned.  Again, this is just the start.  There's much more into constructing and executing a solid strategy that would gain the objective you are seeking to achieve. 

Mathew Thomas

To add to this, social media marketing is an excellent tool to get in front of the right people as you can funnel your marketing to your desired geographical area, income levels, professions, age range, etc.  This way you can target people that may not be so entrenched in "price".  This would produce qualified leads that would yield a high conversion rate as well.

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