Cutting Ad Spend?

Derrick Woolfson

Did anyone else cut their Ad Spend for January? If so, did you notice a cliff event in conversion? 

Victoria Dillabough

We didn't do this in January, but being a new dealer, we did mid way last year and we noticed a dip in leads for sure. 

John H

We haven't cut back on adspend. However, January seems pretty weak.

Especially for a busy market like Chicago.

I'm sure everything will pick up as we move into springtime.. Adspend included. 

Bart Wilson

Overall, how do you see your ad spend looking for the first quarter?  Are you going to cut back, put the hammer down, or stay the same?

Dan Gardner

Take a look at this Cox article that directly addresses this gap between leads and sales in December 2019 vs. January 2020. 

Cox Automotive Forecast: Seasonally Slow Start Expected for U.S. Auto Sales

There is a market-wide dip regardless of brand, but luxury brands seem to hold their performance far better than other brands.

Brian Nieves

No change in ad spend - I do adjust ad spend based on sale average sale volume, with January typically having our lowest ad spend of the year.

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