Data Mining

Chris K Leslie

What’s the best processes for mining your customer base for more sales?

Derrick Woolfson

This is something we struggled with in regards to consistency. There was an exchange program in the service lane. However, the software that mined the lane was not always accurate, and it still required a lot of manpower. The other issue is that it was not connected to the CRM. So if a customer were to respond, it would go to multiple peoples exchange account, which meant that managers did not check to see if someone responded before they replied. As for the BDC, however, we would take the model with the best OEM loyalty campaign, and search 36+-month-old vehicles. At that point, we'd email those customers, and then follow-up with phone calls. It was a lot easier to manage a campaign on one or two models vs. calling on several at a time. But even this took a lot of time. So it was hard to juggle doing that and keeping up with the regular phone calls, emails, chats & texts. 

Bryan Armstrong

Look for pain points in the ownership cycle. Tag renewal, maintenance intervals, high interest loans with 16-23 month pay history and reach out with solutions and information. Also keep in mind that captive lenders are sending all your lease customers mid-term mileage adjustment offers so piggy-back that message with your own of offering to trade them out. 

Mark Rask

these are great ideas 

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