Data Mining - Are you seeing many new sales?

Chad DeSelms
I have been doing Revenue Radar for almost 2 years and have always gotten good results. The issue I am facing is that we are selling 5 used to every 1 new. We do sell twice as many used as new but I really would like to make a bigger impact with new. We are a Gmc, Buick, Subaru and Mazda store. (two stores) Any thoughts?
Megan Barto
Are you targeting end of lease customers?
Ryan Mayo
Maria is correct, target Lease ends and also if revenue radar has a service drive component you can use with a mobile app, take advantage of that. Your sales opportunities often reflect the dealerships sales cycle, so if you guys do more used than new you will have opportunities that also tend to be more used than new.
Chris K Leslie
You may also want to look at "Service but not Purchased"
Chad DeSelms
We are currently already doing the service not sold program through revenue radar. We also have a process in place for leasing customers. Maybe it is just a store trend.
Tony Wood
We're also using Revenue Radar and we're seeing some results from it as well. The big issue we're having is that our database only has a couple years worth of customers, so we're having to trickle leads, or "drips", as they like to call it. We're doing Smart Payment, Equity, Lease End, and Service Not Sold. I really wish we had a deep database to draw from because I imagine it's a tool that could really help make your month.

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