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So let's talk about what we picked up at DD22. It was inspirational and the sessions provided actionable material to use. Much of it was intellectual, fact based, techy, and concluded I'm in the right field for sure. Personally, that's important. I met such an array of impressive folks, including the excellent Steve Roessler, and it's guys like him who help feed my "stream of enthusiasm" for this business. 

For me, it's been about 3 weeks since the event and I returned to find the other Internet manager I work with had quit the day prior. So here's what happened: We decided to kill the internet department! 

The historical version that is, but we're going to make it better. We broke our internet department up and have decided to implement a new process. BDC will follow up with all leads, then we'll round robin sales appointments to our Product Specialists (new name for sales people here). BDC will ensure no-sale follow up if it's a no-sale.

We have determined that Internet buyers are not special. Subsequently, there is no need anymore to have a dedicated internet manager work with these people (here) and offer them discounts they are magically entitled to. No more. In 2015 & 2016 I had the highest average front end gross at the dealership of $1750, proving you can make more money with internet people than floor traffic. 

The next real focus is all about how to convert at the VDP better and get more people there. It's all about the cars. So in my marketing strategy getting eyeballs to the VDP is the priority this year, and now with better data in my hands, here's what I am thinking (including naming vendors) so let me know what you think guys:

Targeting and Retargeting only to SpeedShiftMedia. The auto audience network looks amazing, and we're really hyper focusing ad spend utilizing this company, and could be one of my best moves for the dealership. Ian Cruickshank speaks to me when I hear him talk. Not currently signed.


Adwords and Facebook retargeting to PureCars. (previously handled Display Retargeting too) Purecars has been a great partner deploying and modifying our GEO targets, vehicle spend objectives with AdWords, and it's remarkable how much they know. They have cultivated an excellent audience on Facebook and we're seeing likes of retargeting ads, and they are the #1 referral site to ours. It's a no-brainer. Currently signed.

Chat and Leadbot to DriftHave you seen Drift? This could be very key and although I've given chat a lot of pushback over the years, mostly due to employee time provisioning on a chat service compared to a full hosted chat, but Drift is one of those tech firms, which is perfectly tuned for car sales & dealerships. They seem to be at a space which understands the subtle nature of neural assisted sales, better than most which is what chat seeks to accomplish.  Not currently signed.

In closing, this is in addition to the spend we make on OEM Organic and TPL. I'd love to replace and divert those funds, but those leads are just part of a good marketing strategy. We'll need to work close with our website host to keep the VDP at the center of the universe, as I think most VDP's need so much work, but the goal via my strategy is to get better quality people on the VDP directly.  With more receptive & higher quality prospects at all levels of the funnel and buying process, you cannot fail.


Travis Scheaffer

Please update on how Speed Shift Media works for you. I just took a call with them today. I use LotLinx, and see the differences - but not sure if I want to invest in them too.

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