Dealer Clothing Allowance

Chris K.

Most dealerships in my area are paying their salespeople either $50- $100 Flat Commissions on any new car sold. Not much more, thanks to competitive pricing, Truecar & sites like it, transparency & the online market. The average car salesman makes 12 sales per month, so let's admit, most car salespeople struggle every day and wonder why they are in this crazy business. And they want to look and feel great. It's not easy. I'm lucky, I chose Internet Sales in the 90's when nobody cared to or wanted to. We are now the premium players in this business, we did very well.

The average cost of a decent suit on sale is about $500, but there are stores like Kohl's where you can get a decent set up for 1/2 that. It would take some salespeople 10 sales to afford that, yet after we factor taxes and living costs, it's probably tough for many to just buy some nice looking clothes, let alone cover their bills.

Would you support a Dealer Clothing Allowance at your store? What amount would you consider appropriate?

Chris K

Thursday is my last day at work and my last day in the car business. I've asked driving sales to delete my profiles because if they don't they will be in trouble.

Chris K

*sigh* there has to be a better way for us to accomplish selling cars, and I've appreciate DS tremendously, we're all miles apart with vendors dictating dealer decisions. There's undercurrent information behind this entire conversation, but I'll tell you that if you got money and you're in the car business you're the one that wins. And that's not the dealer.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, K. I think it is important for the dealer to support their sales consultants. As for the suit, I offer it depends on the demographic & OEM. For our OEM's, the standard dress code is a polo & khakis. We provide 5 nice polos & outerwear. In addition to reimbursing them for their first two pairs of shoes. This way everyone has the same gear, and it looks very professional. It is a bit odd when you walk into a dealer and no one looks alike. It can be hard to decipher who is a sales consultant. And as for pay, I agree - in fact, there are a lot of dealers who have switched to a "salary," and have removed the commission or only pay bonuses. 

Amanda Gordon

I agree that the sales staff these days isn't hardly paid enough however if you're in a dealership that requires suits I feel like that's a different demographic, the clientele is unique which directly effects the paycheck to the good. 

Mark Rask

these are all goo comments

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