dealer inspire VS dealer eprocess

Sami Aqqad
We are looking at moving from our current website provider and considering Dealer Inspire and Dealer Eprocess. The main objective is better SEO. any information you have will help thank you
Kyle Orlando
Hey Sami, took a quick look @ your site. Looks like the most significant SEO improvement you could make is integrating your Wordpress blog on your primary domain - rather than linking off to a third party domain. If your primary objective is improving SEO, I would start with: Which company can migrate your blog to with your retail side?
Chris K Leslie
Dealer Inspire
Ben Blanco
Hi Sami, Ben Blanco here. Been on the Dealer Inspire platform for over a year now. There are so many factors involved in running a proper SEO campaign. Below I attempt to provide feedback on DI's core features that I consider make up the foundation of a successful, long-term SEO campaign. Platform: Their core platform is powered by WordPress. What can I say? WordPress is one of the most powerful web platforms available on the Internet. It’s well documented, adheres to best practices, and is extensible. It’s a proven platform that I’ve trusted for years. DI just made it better. Quality of Code: Any solid SEO campaign starts with the foundation of the core code. DI’s code, overall, is clean and semantic. All of our sites include structured data markup (Schema). Schema markup reinforces the meaning of our content to search engines. Quality code is an often overlooked factor. I’ve spent a lot of time writing my own code and know first hand how important quality code is to ranking. It’s the little things that matter. Details, Details, Details. Mobile: DI sites adhere to Google’s 25 principles of mobile site design outlined here: Make sure you perform your own tests with Google’s new mobile friendly tester available here: Site Migration: The process of migrating from our old platform to our new web platform was just as important to me as building the new site. DI migrated our most popular old pages to new pages via 301 redirects. This practice is important for several technical reasons. Most importantly, our customers were less likely to hit 404 errors on our new site. When I hired DI they were the only vendor offering this service. It’s quite time consuming. URL Structure: Take a look at my sites or any other WordPress site and you’ll notice a clean URL structure. For example: There’s no gibberish or trailing technical tags. It’s a clean, easy to understand URL that’s good for usability. What’s good for usability is also good for search engines. Clean URLs make it easier for a search engines to identify relevance based on a search query. This is SEO 101 but I think it’s still an important point to note. Content: DI/Launch rotate authors to write content. All of the content that has been authored by their team has been original. I routinely verify the submitted copy for authenticity using Copyscape. I have yet to find any signs of duplicate content. Search engines hate duplicate content. Phase One SEO: To me, phase one SEO includes setting up proper title and description tags for every single page on our site before launch. That first Search Engine crawl is important. DI did a really good job in this area for us. Local Listings: They have a dedicated team that manually manages local listings. This is an area that continues to gain importance. It’s getting messy with CDK Global, Ford Direct, and others all trying to claim our local listings. I think it’s important that we routinely verify our listings for accuracy and proper site association. In the end, SEO is all about what you put into it. On one end of the SEO spectrum you can focus on acquisition. On the other end you can focus on behavior. Traffic is easy, conversion is hard! Right? I always tell marketers to focus on what’s best for the user. Use the platform that will enable you to be a better marketer. Don’t solely rely on a vendor. Use a platform that gives you options. Put the power back in your hands. For me, that was DI. Happy to answer any other questions. Cheers! Ben @benvblanco
Sami Aqqad
Wow you sold me better than they did lol thank you Ben thank you Chris
Grant Gooley
Both look like fantastic products! Dealer Inspire is REALLY making waves. Very forward thinking just going by there website and model. Id love to know which way you go!?

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