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Kaylee Pendergrass

Do people actually use this pop up chat box? If so, How long does it take for you to reply?!

Jake Smith

I’ve had a little bit of success with Facebook Messenger. You just have to stay on top of it. Best part, it’s free. 

Derrick Woolfson

It depends, I say that because it all depends on where the chat is placed on the website. If you have to exit the chat icon and/or it covers the VDP then the chances of someone using it lessens. I also think that customers are just calling into the dealership. It is very easy to search, click & call. If anything, from my experience - most of the customer chats we got were for service. The customer was either wanting to book an appointment or check the status of their vehicle. 

Chris K Leslie

I hate those chat box's. I always prefer having the little thing at the bottom right of the screen. Dont make me play space invaders on your site unless its really space invaders. 

Tracy Gell

We use a chat box, a smaller one and once closed it stays closed so they don't have to play space invaders. We still get mostly sales questions on chat and have a 24/7 managed service for it. We're closing those leads at 16% or so and get about 60 to 70 sales a year from it. We do get service, parts, bodyshop, finance, appointment requests,  etc questions as well. 

Mark Rask

we do well with chat 

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