Dealer Websites-good LEASING pages

Jesse Peterson
Does anyone know of any good dealer sites that have good content with regards to leasing? A lease calculator is good, but not necessarily what I am looking for. Good content, comparisons to financing, etc. I have reviewed a lot of dealer websites over the past few months as I have overhauled one of mine, but this is one area where I have not seen anything.
Jason Stum
Hey Jesse, Sounds like you're looking for examples of content you'd like to add to your own website that support the idea of leasing. Is that correct? If you're looking for ideas, I would just caution you to remember that just because it's on someone's website doesn't mean that it's actually working for them. That being said, why not create your own content that answers the specific questions your actual customers have when it comes to leasing? My rule of thumb for creating content for your website or blog is if more than two people are asking the same question, create a piece of content that answers the question. Just off the top of my head you could create content based off these ideas: Car Shopping 101: Leasing vs. Buying 7 Reasons why Leasing a Vehicle Makes the Most Sense 5 Reason Why You Should Lease Your Next Vehicle 4 Awesome Things That (most) People Don't Know About Leasing Cars High Mile Driver? Leasing a Car May Not Be For You Just a few thought starters for you and I'm sure some more folks will drop by with some ideas as well.
Grant Gooley
@Jason is bang on if you ask me! Content is king and even more important, original content that involves your dealer flavor, written by a professional that is in a Leasing position every day.
Jesse Peterson
Great ideas, thank you. Maybe I'll start with putting it on our blog. I was just wanting to see how other dealers put it on their sites just for reference. The idea came to me after looking at registration data for our market. We do a good job with retail sales but not leasing. The other dealers in my market do a better job of it. None of them has anything on their websites regarding leasing but I thought it might be a good idea for mine. If nothing else our sales staff can use it to show customers. I will start with the ideas above. Thanks Jason
mark rask
Thanks Jason! I am going to steal your ideas as well
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