Dealerships that are owning Facebook?

Linda Loepker

I would like to see how dealerships are successfully using Facebook.  I would like to expand our Facebook style!

Any examples?

Here is our page:  Deien on Facebook


Thank you!

Edward Cushing

Hi Linda,

Your page looks great, I think you are doing a great job!

Here is a link to one of our dealers that also does well with their fb page

Still important to have a strong page on fb as many shoppers will refer to it to evaluate you/your dealer and how relevant-up to date it is. Although less than 2% of those that "like" your page will actually see your posts.

The FB marketing platform is very powerful especially with their match back/off line conversion tool, we have dealers doing very well are are matching sales to their fb campaigns each month.



Linda Loepker



Love the Sarasota page!  Lots of community events, includes employees.  Nice!



Chris K Leslie

We use the heck out of Instagram, pushing over to FB. Its been working great for us.

Question, do you encourage your sales reps to create their own pages on Facebook as well and if so how many are doing so? 

Linda Loepker

Scott:  I only have one rep who uses Facebook, but only once a month or so.  I can talk until I'm blue in the face....  :(

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