DealerSocket CRM Feedback

Jamil "The Carman"

I have been using A non-fancy CRM called "AutoRaptor" and it has been doing the job .We recently hired a new GM and he asked to switch to DealerSocket .I haven't used it before so I would really appreciate your feedback ?

Thank you 

Chris K Leslie

I think it really would depend on how big you are and if you need something like that. Its a lot to manage. 

Parker Lukjanovs

Personally, we have DealerSocket at two stores. An Infiniti and a Nissan store.  I'm not a fan at all.  Some people love it some hate it.  Hate is too strong of a word for me, but my opinion is not far from that.  It seems like I need to click on and through many different options to get to what I want.  Plus I have to shuffle through popup windows.  Good luck trying to expand your windows once logged in too.  It's defaulted at a certain width and nothing within the crm can expand past that, if that makes sense.

I give DealerSocket a 5/10.

Jamil "The Carman"

@Chris @Parker Thank you for the feedback 

Shawn Ryder

@Jamil - what is you are looking for a CRM to do? There are certainly options available - but depends on what the dealership objectives are - tracking, sales people responsibility, automated messages?

Jamil "The Carman"

@Shawn I have all of that in the current CRM  I have .I don't know why the new GM wants to switch!.I think he is just used to that system :)

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