Dealersocket Launches Blackbird

Chris K Leslie

Did anyone else watch the launch of Blackbird last night? 

I'm curios as to what Blackbird is. Is it the platform? should the CRM be called Blackbird from now on? 

I dont really know what Blackbird is in relation to the CRM product/platform. Is Dealersocket now Blackbird CRM. 


If youre interested in watching the livestreams over the next couple of days you can check them out here.




Karen Ann

I took it as a product Android Kitkat.

I'm pretty excited, some reports look more useful and the widget customizable layout will be epic for our variety of CRM users.

Bob Parrish

Hey Dealer Guy,

I'm with you!

Web Dude

My understanding as to the CRM is that BB is DealerSocket 2.0 and will replace the current sales dashboards.  The other modules remain unchanged.  The UI customization is impressive and ease of use seems to have improved as a result including far less clicks.

Linda Loepker

I can't wait for it to come out!  Blackbird was referred to as a new "platform". 

I didn't have time to have a live personal demo, but the class I attended had a lot of information.  My favorite - it will use your ENTIRE screen, not just the small square.  AND - you can customize your home page.  AND you can have multiple vehicles in one sales deal!  Looks like a lot less "clicking".  I know there are times I am logged in DS on Firefox and Chrome so I can update records, etc.  I think that will be much easier.

mark rask

Linda it sounds like it will be great

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