Death to the Auto Responder

Jeffrey Byrge
Just because you said it, it is a great idea and I intend to add it to my list! We don't believe in "auto-pilot" where I work, but we do have some features that have always been there that shouldn't be.
Matt Lowery
Yes I agree. I turned off autoresponder about 2 years ago and have never looked back. All it does is annoy people. Every communication you have with your customer should provide relevant information for the customer.
Amy Taggart
Great idea - and I like the fact that you're putting limits on it: the autoresponder only goes out after hours when no one is available. Side question: does your dealership use chat, and are they active on that as well? I have a pet peeve where people implement chat on their websites (dealers aren't the only ones guilty of this) and then don't have anyone manning it ever so it always shows up as "offline," regardless of when you visit. Just curious!
Shannon Hammons
I totally agree. Been arquing that here at our stores (to no progress) for a while now. To me it makes you lazy and it kills that chance for a first impression.
Stan Sher
The auto responder is only annoying when it is a generic template without engaging content. I have implemented a powerful auto responder message in every dealership that I have consulted and worked at only to find tremendous results. You get the customer responding back and engaging in a conversation which ultimately helps to build a relationship and a sale.
Mark Franklin
We are not an auto-responder. We use real people as Quality Assurance to provide your complete and on-time response. Our quality, customized responses are proven to increase contact ratio by up to 20%. 704-275-1402 Overnight BDC makes your job easier. We all know that a fast response is a must in the car business. With an average response time of under 10 minutes, your customer will engage with your customized reply which includes a targeted value statement about the requested vehicle. We are equipped to reply to leads 24/7 so you can spend more time making sales all while knowing the best first response has already been sent to your customers. Why Overnight BDC Sales? Turns off the manufacturer's clock We are real people responding the way you want You can have a set schedule or turn us on manually 24/7/365 Available to respond to your Service, OnStar and Parts requests GM iMR turnkey vendor

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